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Jon-Michael Baribault

Jon-Michael Baribault

Job Captain

Jon-Michael “JM” Baribault is an intuitive Job Captain and Architectural Designer at Rowse, with over a decade of experience that encompasses multifamily residential, affordable housing, kitchen and bath design, and historic projects.


JM connects with his clients – first by asking questions to reveal the job's programming needs, and then by keeping communication open throughout the design process. He finds the back-and-forth exchange of ideas invaluable because it turns the project into a true collaboration, one where both parties open their minds to new design possibilities.


His attraction to architecture is due to the intersection of creativity and technical challenges that the discipline offers. JM is a visual artist as well, working in acrylic paint and digital media, a practice which informs his work. His artwork has been in several publications including on the cover of Motif Magazine, and as a feature on Channel 10’s Studio 10 segment.


JM’s hobbies include (but are not limited to) Hiking, Cycling, Painting, Playing Music, and Martial Arts.

Facts and Figures

  • New England Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Architectural Building Engineering

Areas of Expertise

  • AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup

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