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ri state house windows and doors replacement

Rhode Island State House Restorations

Modeled after the US Capitol, the Rhode Island State House was constructed from 1891 - 1901 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Properties. At the time, it was one of the first public buildings to use electricity, and today the exterior lighting is an iconic part of the building's façade.


Starting in 1995, during the statehouse's centennial, a large scale restoration and conservation project began. Working with the Rhode Island State House Restoration Committee, Rowse Architects has had the opportunity to design several of these projects including:

  • Window and Exterior Door Restoration

  • LED Dome Lighting

  • Security System Updates

  • Sub-Basement Renovations

  • IT Office Renovations

  • Courtyard Terrace Replacement

  • Parking Gate Replacements

  • Parking Lot Renovations & Additions

Year Completed



Providence, RI


State of Rhode Island

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