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Lobby of school

Cape Cod Collaborative: Waypoint Academy

Rowse Architect were the designers of this full-scale renovation for an alternative school. The project focus was to transform an existing midcentury building into a functional and modern educational setting. Design needed included a secure lobby, classroom spaces, educator professional development rooms, a reception area, nurse's room, full service kitchen and cafeteria, arts and music room, and an assembly area.


Cape Cod Collaborative Waypoint Academy serves the needs of students with emotional or behavioral disorders, offering an alternative school environment. In addition to an educational and therapeutic milieu, student access clinic support from full-time counselors.


We kept the building users in the conversation throughout the entire renovation of the 1940 brick school building to not only bring it up to healthy/safety code and ADA standards, but create a space that could support Cape Cod Collaborative in their mission.

Improvements were made to the building’s energy efficiency through mechanical systems improvements, and updated glazing, insulation, and ventilation.

Year Completed



South Yarmouth, MA


Cape Cod Collaborative

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