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Coventry RI Police and Human Services Department

Rowse Architects worked with the Town of Coventry, Rhode Island and the Coventry Police Department to design a new Police Station and Human Services Department to occupy a former town-owned elementary school.


RA provided a full-gut renovation to the 23,000 SF school that included entirely new interiors, new roof, and a large addition to serve the Police Department effectively. The facility includes a newly constructed 1,600-square-foot sally port building adjacent to the cell blocks, enhancing the safety of processing officers who arrive with prisoners. Additionally, the design incorporates a garage for storage, a roll call room, an evidence room equipped with pass-back lockers and rolling shelving, and a 16-vehicle impound lot.


Budget was paramount through this large scale renovation, with careful attention to maximizing building space.


We kept the Police and community members in the conversation to discuss how the Human Service Departments and Police would co-exist in the same building without compromising security, but remaining inviting to the public.


The site is surrounded by a residential community and an adjacent little league baseball field. Special attention was required during the design and construction phases to allow for security uninterrupted circulation.

Year Completed



Cranston, RI


Town of Coventry

Square Footage


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