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Benjamin Robin feature for NEIT

Our own Benjamin Robin was featured in NEIT's newsletter! Ben is a talented Architectural Designer and his background in construction management gives him excellent insight into his projects. We're lucky to have him!

Benjamin Robin, a student from the British Virgin Islands, began his educational journey at New England Tech when he earned an Associate in Science degree with honors in Architectural Building Engineering Technology in 2018. To expand his knowledge, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Architectural Building Engineering Technology in 2020. Ben continued his studies and received a Master of Science degree in Construction Management in 2022. Combining his education and extensive work experience, Ben shares his success with Tech News readers.

What made you decide to attend NEIT?

A few friends attended New England Tech and told me how good their experience was. They explained the hands-on approach to learning which was what I was looking for. Why did you choose your program? I had been drafting and designing for years without a college degree until my wife finally pushed me to fill out the NEIT application. It was one of the best decisions that changed my life.

What did you do to get started with your career?

Several things helped me get my career going. I worked alongside a New England Tech Construction Management alum for many years at his company designing/drafting which helped me while I was in school. For about four months I also worked as a general contractor doing residential remodeling. In that short time, I got real-world experience managing and working with sub-contractors to complete jobs. I also did a lot of freelance work, and I have a personal project that is heading for completion within a few weeks.

Tell us about your current position.

I joined Rowse Architects in East Providence, RI, as an Architectural Designer in November 2023. I am currently working on various projects that include courthouses and housing authority renovations. I work with architects to produce construction documents, drafting, schematic designs, and field measuring. We are also working on the new construction facility for the Providence Department of Public Works, and I will likely be a part of the construction documents team, which is one of our larger projects.

What do you feel prepared you for your position?

I joined Rowse Architects with more than a decade of experience in construction and architecture. I also worked as an architectural drafter in the British Virgin Islands where I gained skills in both commercial and residential design. In other positions I gained experience in client relations, data management, construction management, project management, building codes, field measuring, BIM, CAD, and many aspects of building design. The will to continue learning and keeping up with the new practices and programs also helped me prepare for my current position. I had some professors who had their own companies and gave me pointers on what to expect once I completed college. Most of my job interviews were focused on a construction document drawing set I produced at NEIT. My education at New England Tech helped place me on a path to success.

Do you have any advice for graduates who are just beginning their job search?

Start networking from now. I wish I did more networking because it gives you the opportunity to speak with people in your field who can help you get interviews. Also, prepare yourself for interviews so you can do well. All you need is one YES to get in the door. Be open to new opportunities and show initiative.  


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