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Graphic Design Students Turn Attention to JWU Bowen Center

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

There's no greater compliment than knowing people are interacting with, and thinking about, your architectural project.

So we were thrilled to learn that JWU students were using the Rowse Architects designed John J Bowen Center as the catalyst for a new graphic design project.

Through a new course called "Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics" from Associate Professor Karyn Jimenez-Elliott, students designed twenty different designs for wayfinding graphics for the building; and through community voting narrowed it down to the top seven.

The winning concept was from student Shea Lambert (JWU '24) and her beautiful designs were installed in June 2023.

In an interview with JWU News, Jimenez-Elliott says "The key to designing good wayfinding is understanding the target audience and visitor usage of a building, and who better to do that than my talented design students who frequent the building multiple times a day?"

We applaud Shea Lambert, JWU, Karyn Jimenez-Elliott, and her students for their consideration of building science and visual communication. Your clear and concise wayfinding design is a beautiful addition to the structure.


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