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Happy 2 Year Anniversary to NEIEP

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

In September 2019, the National Elevator Industry Education Program training center opened in Warwick, Rhode Island, transforming an empty warehouse into a state of the art training facility for the elevator industry.

Rowse's Brittany Grant was Project Architect and she worked tireless to bring it to life – during the pandemic, no less! This was a real hallmark of excellent project management. When it was all said and done the building was completed on-time and under budget, even with the numerous delays that hampered the building industry during the peak pandemic years.

One of our favorite features of this facility is the glass-enclosed hoistway with a fully operational elevator. Not only is it beautiful in its industrial design, but it serves a very real purpose: it's a training tool designed to provide safe observation for learning elevator construction. Trainees are able to erect and dismantle framed scaffolding and see it from all angles, brightly lit by the beautiful overhead glazing from Kalwall.

One of our finest examples of collaborative design thanks to the exceptional team.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: Building Engineering Resources (BER)

A/V Engineering: Building Technology Consultants (BTC)

Acoustical Consultant: Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Inc

Food Service Facility Consultant: Crabtree McGrath

Materials Handling: ECM

Surveying: InSite Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering: Pare Corporation

Interiors: McGlynn Associates


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